“Following a vibrant curriculum in a creative and fun atmosphere”

Using the Early Years Foundation Stage we fully embrace the ethos that the curriculum should be child centred , respect their individual interests and learning styles and is developmentally appropriate.

We offer a range of carefully balanced experiences that focus on:

  • Developing creative thinking
  • Language skills
  • Mathematical and scientific understanding
  • Using imagination
  • Extending physical skills
  • Experiencing books, stories songs and music
  • Practising decision making and problem solving
  • Promoting care and concern for others
  • Respect for the environment as well as opportunities for fun and friendship

For our youngest infants we offer sensitive baby care through the individual attention of caring staff who nurture their natural curiosity and support development such as learning to feed themselves, learning to crawl or walk and learning to explore the world around them. We follow individual sleep ad feeding patterns to maintain consistency with home life and foster a feeling of security.

For toddlers and older children we offer experiences in a wide variety of play and learning activities building on their natural desire to make relationships, explore and discover. We encourage their developing social awareness, and help their growing self esteem, self-confidence and independence. 13226675_1059730130743517_7842659338067808047_n

We use careful observation and regular assessment of each child’s development to plan for their play and provide experiences and resources that create a desire to investigate and learn, using their individual interest as our starting points. We document all this in their personal Learning Journey via our online system Tapestry.

Our outdoor play areas are a vital resource supporting each child’s fast growing physical abilities and challenging their skills whilst providing them with the sense of freedom and opportunities to be at one with nature, essential elements for early childhood.

The nursery is resourced with materials that provide opportunities for developing confidence, becoming problem solvers, making relationships, exploring and discovering and allowing the children to progress at their own pace within an environment that respects them as individuals.